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Friday, October 31

i know most of you have been waiting with baited breath to know the final answer to this question. it all started with this adorable costume we found in the pottery barn kids catalog. but, seriously, $90 . . . $90. who on earth would pay $90 for a costume for a two year old? not me. (apparently someone because the costume is sold out and a link cannot be found.) but it was the perfect costume for miller and he thought so too. well, after all the different things he had wanted to be, i didn't want to be so hasty. so, i asked him daily what he wanted to be and when the answer became consistent, off i went to determine how in the world to make this costume myself, and with some help from my mom. then, josh joked at dinner one night that carter could be wendy, and she said yes?!? what?!? this is the same child who decided she was going to be ariel in august. and, now, she wants to be wendy?!? now, another costume to make. 
here is carter's wendy dress after i finished painting the stripes at almost 2 am the night before she would wear it.
the pieces before they became the final product.
my little cheeseburger
wendy with her cheeseburger
hand in hand
the chase
i love this portrait of the evening. as you can see, the rest of the evening, carter's braids rode along in my bag (as viewed in the background). i think her hair looks precious like this, but she will not let me do it ever, except this night. miller received lots of attention and he loves, loves, loves his costume. it really is the perfect costume for him and it was relatively easy to make in the manner i chose to make it. as for carter, this was one of three costumes she wore this season. i think the red wig really made her not want to be wendy but once. who can blame her?


jennifer said...

Those are the CUTEST costumes ever! I LOVE them.

Southern Mama said...

This is so funny! At first I thought you meant Wendy from Peter Pan...I was like...was her dress stripped? Too too funny. So creative!

Joanna said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! ...and am SO impressed with your skills!!!

Becky Lollar said...

WOW!! I'm impressed!! CUTE costumes!!

The Perkins Trio said...

ha! that is awesome!! great costumes :)

Kress Smith said...

Very impressive!!!


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