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Wednesday, October 8

. . . what happens when josh tries to take pictures of our children. these are the best 3 of at least 50. people comment on pictures of our children, but are they both in the picture? are they standing still or action shots? are they looking at the camera? usually, the answer is no, no, no. occasionally, there is one yes. so, we take what we get and what we get is them being them. and, we love it!
the plastic food in miller's hands are his sacred cheeseburger, french fries and brown cookie or as he says "b-burger, fren fries and bown doodie."
so sweet
too cute

you don't feel so bad now, do you?? i didn't think so. 


emilynokesmartin said...

Did you know there is going to be a reading at davis kidd from the fancy nancy author!!! Oh, and GiGi want Miller to come visit SOON!!! So, we need to plan a play date!

emilynokesmartin said...

Carter has the cutest expressions!! I noticed on Tuesday, she makes them all day!!! I see theater classes in her future!

Margaret said...

So sweet!! Miller looks like Josh to me, great pictures!


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