the reality of summer


Thursday, July 21

i like the idea of summer. i like the idea of days without schedule or commitment. i like the idea of days spent outside. i like the idea of catching lightening bugs at night. i like the idea of grilling out. i like the idea of hanging out in the front yard till dusk.

but, then there is reality. reality is that summers here are hot, hot, hot. reality is that any time spent outside is almost unbearable due to the heat. reality is that mosquitoes are way more prevalent than lightening bugs. 

right now, reality stinks. 

but, every once in awhile, there is a night that is exactly what summer is supposed to be. 

 a night of nice weather, 

a night with friends,

a night with music,

a night where everything seems perfect.

that was this night. 
 so, until summer passes, i will be thinking about nights like this, but i am already longing for fall. 
am i the only one?

uh-oh . . .


Friday, July 15

somebody put baby in the corner!

yes, people, this means we have hit the terrible twos. at first, she thought it was fun. maybe, she even enjoyed it. but, then, she realized what it was all about. time out=no attention. really, it is hard not to laugh . . . the booger-faced glances, the only-made-for-us-to-hear huffing sound . . . she better be careful or we just might send her to time out for a little entertainment. there's nothing to watch on dvr in the summer anyway.


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