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Wednesday, August 30

Slumber Party


Here are some shots from our wild sleepover weekend...

...The weekend at Tim & Kelly's ended with a bang (literally) and a trip to the ER!

it's her party . . .


and i'll cry if i want to!

last friday, august 25th, was carter's second birthday! i cannot believe she is two years old. it really seems like yesterday that we were eagerly awaiting her arrival. she is becoming such a big girl! this picture is from her tea party on saturday. she is starting to smile for the camera. also, she is using more words every day. here are some of my favorites:

"i love you"

" i sawwy(sorry)"

"thank you"



& "choo, choo, mimma" which she says each time she sees or hears a train, which is quite frequently at our house just minutes from poplar and the train tracks. and, how sweet that she wants to share the excitement with her brother. we love her to pieces and can't wait to see what else she comes up with next. happy birthday, sweet girl!

carter's statistics from her 2 year check-up:

weight: 26 lbs

height: 34 in

dr. hussain said she is lean and tall for her age. i really don't think of her as tall, but she guestimated that carter would be at least my height which is 5'6". we will have to see.

helter skelter


so, since my last post, life has been anything but normal. the next morning(saturday), our air conditioning went out and we had to move in with our friends kelly and tim until we could get someone to come fix it on monday. of course, monday was my first day of inservice for preschool which started yesterday. so, instead of slowly getting accustomed to getting myself and two children ready each morning, we were getting ready in someone else's home, borrowing clothes, food, etc. by the way did i mention kelly and tim also have two children under two, and two dogs which carter is afraid of. the girls slept in the same room, miller slept in the playroom with us. it was CRAZY to say the least. meanwhile, we were trying to get ready for carter's second birthday party this past saturday. so, we have many things to post . . .

look at the size of that noggin!


Friday, August 18

today was miller's 4 month checkup. every mother knows the excitement of the checkup-it is here that you receive documented proof that your baby is the (fill in the blank). we all pride ourselves on something, whether we have the smallest baby, the heaviest baby, the longest baby, etc. we all pride ourselves on something, and now it appears, i can pride myself on having the baby with the biggest head! that's right, miller's head is apparently enormous. after being assured that everything looks normal because it does coincide with his length, i rode home thinking of the many quotes josh would recall from "so i married an ax murderer".

"look at the size of that noggin!"
"it's like an orange on a toothpick."
"he'll cry himself to sleep on his huge pillow."

so, go ahead, send us all the jokes you can recall.

for those of you who are curious, the statistics:
weight: 15 lbs, 11 oz
length: 26 1/2 in
head: 44 1/2 cm

All Hail...


Tuesday, August 15

August 15th...The Day The Rock Stopped Rollin'. As I write this, there are thousands gathered with candles in hand on the grounds of Graceland. This annual pilgrimmage brings the best that society has to offer from around the world to our fair city. Indeed, they decend from all points near and far to pay their respects to the King. Elvis Week is full of colorful events, but none so awe-inspiring as the venerable Candlelight Vigil. The pictures I've included cannot possibly capture the full majesty and wonder of the event, but they will have to suffice. A moment of silence, please...

Border Security


Carter and Miller, in an effort to clearly illustrate their position on illegal imigration, have offered this dramatization of the proper role of U.S. Border Patrol. Carter is playing the role of the Border Patrol officer, and Miller is portraying the "immigrant"...enjoy...



I just wanted everyone to see the job my lovely wife did of making this window treatment for our dining room. Those of you that have been in our dining room know how big this thing is...making it that much more impressive!

And so it begins...


Okay, I know that girls like to talk on the phone (a trait that apparently carries on to adulthood). But I had no idea that it would start this early! This is Carter talking to her best friend Sarah...literally...they were carrying on their own little conversation. We had no idea what they were saying, but I swear they understood each other...I guess it's sort of like when their mommies talk on the phone!!!

Great way to beat the heat!


Friday, August 11

Carter and her best friend Sarah chillin' by the pool.



I just realized that there weren't any pictures of Miller here yet! He and I watched some of the Yankees/White Sox game last night and discussed his role as the eventual replacement for Derek Jeter at short...come on DJ, you only need to hang on for a few more years! I'm not sure though, he seemed to be more excited watching Randy I hope this kid is left-handed!



Friday, August 4

carter's chin - not sure where the scrap came from on the right, but check out the bruise on the left.

carter telling me "da da hurt" when i asked about her chin. you can see the beginning of the bruise on the edge of her chin to the left.

sorry for the delay in posts. i thought josh would use this blog to keep out of town family informed of the comings and goings of the malahy family. instead, he has continued to email pics to all possible family members and NOT using the blog. so, this is for josh.

a few nights ago, we were all hanging out in miller's room-miller in the crib, josh in the chair, carter running around, and me working in the closet. carter had stopped short of josh's foot and then decided to pick up where she left off, tripping over josh's foot. she landed chin first on the hardwood. crying insued and the next morning her chin had the blackest bruise i've ever seen. i asked carter if her chin hurt and, touching her chin, replied "da da hurt." now, if asked about her booboo or chin replies "da da hurt." i am just waiting to get turned in to dhs!


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