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Monday, October 6

josh has been blessed with some incredible opportunities lately. several months ago, he did a photo shoot for the daughter of one of the guys he plays with on sunday morning. she is a precious little girl named esa. he really enjoyed being able to do this for blair and terese. when looking around online, he discovered that there is actually a ministry that could connect him with other families who desire a photo session but may not know where to turn. habitat for hope helps families that are displaced while at st.jude with whatever they may need. they connected him with another adorable little girl named elizabeth and her amazing family. he had a great time photographing this family and was so excited when another family contacted him after seeing those photos. he met with ellie and her family this past weekend and just look at her toothless smile-too cute! josh really enjoys being able to do this for these families as it is a change of pace from his typical work with brides and grooms.

we invite you to join us in keeping up with these families and praying for their amazing circumstances. we now have links to each child's caring bridge site in the side bar. 



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