twinkle toes

Thursday, October 30

there are some things you understand the fascination of no matter how old you get. even as an adult woman, i understand the fascination of american girl dolls, stickers, and all things with glitter, just to name a few. i think part of it is remembering your childhood and the joy you experienced with similar things and part of it is experiencing the joy it brings your own child now. well, these are one of those things. "my pink sparkly shoes", as they have been deemed, bring pure joy and elation to my 4 year old princess of all things pink and glittery. seriously, i know few who can compete with her girliness. in fact, the only one i can think of introduced us to these shoes.

what about these shoes doesn't make you want to twirl?!?
oh, seriously, too cute for words!


Southern Mama said...

OK.. So cute...but...I used to mourn the fact that Mae didn't like dolls or princesses or dress up dresses...but now that I've tried a new prospective I've found joy in what she does for the simple fact that SHE finds joy in things....things such as animals...dress up clothes that are halloween costumes of animals....not things like dolls, barbies, faries, or anything remotely like anything I liked as a little girl. She's made me realize that the true JOY is watching your little girl's joy...even though it is so different than what I thought it would be.


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