Tuesday, October 14

big plans-that's what we have around here! we have started the adjustments that need to be made in order for baby #3 to enter our home. of course, i am a little more laid back than with the first two-umm, maybe a lot more laid back. at this point in both of my first two pregnancies i had completed rooms, tons of baby clothes, strollers, car seats, etc. for this one some of those things will be hand-me-downs, but others still have to be taken care of. for one, we have to kick one child out of her room and the other out of his bed. we planned on doing this after returning from the beach as they were used to staying in the same room, and again after a trip to grammie & papa joe's, but we procrastinated. as many of you know, josh and i are both perpetual procrastinators, our high school and college years are perfect examples. but here we are with less than 3 months to go and this child has no where to sleep other than a pack-n-play squeezed between our bed and the wall. many of you are thinking that is where you sleep your child at the beginning anyway, but not in out tiny house. our children have always gone straight to their crib and it has worked for us. so, as i told josh, things will move faster when she wakes up every three hours to eat feet away from him. 

back to the procrastination-so after an afternoon at isaiah's 2nd birthday party, while our children ate even more food at the table, i looked at josh and said, "want to move carter's bed?" and so we did. that's how we do it around here-shear spontaneity and i remembered we were on fall break so i wouldn't be wrecking the lives of others if my children didn't get any sleep for a few days. it is actually going pretty well. the first night, i got called back by carter several times to ask about her stuff. as i said, we only moved her bed and "her friends". as josh was moving everything in and out, her first question was "what about ruthie, will you move her too?" of course we will! hello! then after moving her favorite beloved items-pinky (blanket she has had since birth originally named nite, nite), mrs. quack (lovey given to me by jennifer when she found out about our first pregnancy, originally named by josh and i), gabriella (second doll she ever picked out purchased by grammie and originally named baby debby), and ruthie, we moved a whole slew of random of the moment friends. then, after being tucked in, she called to ask "what about my clothes, will they fit in here?" yes, sweet girl, we will make room for your clothes. then, "what about my panties?" yes, we will not make you go without panties. goodness! but i understand, we are separating her from all she remembers about having a space, so it is important that we make it theirs and not his where she now sleeps. so, we will be painting, getting her a new bed, moving him into hers (made by my great grandfather, was always meant to be his, slept in by my father and brother), change out all wall art, etc. so that she feels this is her room too. bless her heart! and, that is only the beginning because then we have a nursery to paint, decorate, and fill full of itty bitty preciousness! 

a little sneak peak, for me apparently nesting is crafting so i have been creating and making lists of things to create like a mad woman. i have been asked about several halloween crafts so i will post one every few days until halloween. that way, you can do them too, if you wish. and josh is also working on pictures for me because he has a little break before 4 weddings in a row and several photo shoots. so, stay tuned . . .


Jamie said...

poor carter, i am sure this transition is a lot to take in!

jen said...

can you say home decorating party? i am so feeling it

Kris J. said...

can't wait to see the craftiness! our halloween decor consists of a pumpkin on the bench out front. not even carved because i figured it would just disintegrate in the heat. now if i only had carved a funkin... :D

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...



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