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Wednesday, October 22

so for my second project, i used all random items i had laying around. that's right, it was completely free. these are pumpkins made from paper lanterns. i totally stole this idea from the diva of all things crafty. and the only reason i made it from my own personal stash rather than purchasing this cute little kit was the rather not cute, not little price tag. martha, just because you have a great idea and decide to package it, doesn't make the materials used ten times more expensive. maybe it is this skewed math that caused you to spend a little time in the slammer. but, i digress. this is so simple. i had two white paper lanterns left from this fun craft that i water colored a vintage-y orange. after they dried, i attached a paper leaf i free handed from leftover paper from from this project. i glued the leaf to a random green chenille wire or pipe cleaner i had laying around and wrapped it around the wire supporting the lantern. i then curled the wire around my finger several times to create the curly vine. i wish i had brown chenille wire, but i did not and this was supposed to be all from previously owned supplies, so . . . it is what it is. i think the colors are much cuter in person.

as you can see, the pumpkins hang on either end of the banner. and, as well documented, it all hangs in the playroom. at the end, i will show you a full picture of all the decorations.



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