the kit movie 09.28

Tuesday, October 21

we never made it to the kit movie before we went to atlanta to get our treasured friend, so when i realized it was still playing at the cheap movie theater, i was determined to take carter. it just so happened that josh had that sunday afternoon off so after coming home for lunch and taking a quick nap, carter, ruthie  & i  headed out for a girls night. we were literally the only people in the theater. and, just as becky had mentioned, not only was the movie precious, but i was amazed that even a week later, carter could tell me in detail what happened. she recently spoke with concern about kit's father leaving cincinatti for chicago. then, we headed to mcdonald's (her choice-i was very surprised it wasn't chili's, but they were giving away wizard of oz toys at that point). after a healthy dinner of fries and apple juice, she spent the night with my parents, where of course she gets ridiculous amounts of undivided attention and a home cooked breakfast! we know neither of those things happen regularly at our house. what fun! 


Southern Mama said...

So fun! Mae and I went to see it at the movie theater in Green Valley (a huge retirement community). We were the youngest one's in the theater by about 40 years or more.--So funny. I guess these little old ladies wanted to see a movie about their childhood--who knows. Mae kept asking why the old ladies were there!

Becky Lollar said...

Awww!! I'm so glad she enjoyed the movie!! You know--it comes out on DVD next Tuesday!! Ally's getting it in her stocking for Christmas. And how perfect fro Carter to take Ruthie with her! BTW--I love Carter's dress--Ally & Claire have the same one!


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