scrappy leaf garland


Wednesday, September 7

i know this is totally random because i never posted it, so i will back date it and pretend like it is september for the next five minutes. pretend with me, please. 
i made this little leaf garland from fabric scraps and i thought i would make a quick tutorial just in case anyone else wanted to make one to. (hint: it helps if you post it during the appropriate season ;)

first, cut a leaf template from a random scrap of paper. then, cut two matching fabric leaves and one slightly smaller leaf from stabilizer for each leaf you plan to make.

next, sandwich a stabilizer leaf between each fabric leaf wrong sides together . . . like so.

then, using contrasting thread (if you choose), sew around the leaf about 1/4 inch from the edge and then part way up the center creating a leaf-like look.

your finished leaf should look like this.

next, i pinked the edges of my leaf for some interest, but it is totally not necessary.

 then, using my handy dandy crop-a-dile, i punched a hole about 3/8 inch from one pointed end.

finally, i strung twine through the end of each leaf and tied a knot randomly spacing as i went.

 isn't it pretty? i love scrappy projects!

lastly, find the perfect place to hang your scrappy leaf garland and admire it daily until christmas forces you to take it down.


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