Rr is for Ruthie 09.26

Monday, October 20

as you may remember, carter 's preschool class focuses on a letter of the alphabet each week. they also have show and tell every friday but the item has to correlate with the letter of the week. when Rr was the letter of the week, there was no hesitation as to what we would be bringing along on friday-our favorite friend, ruthie.
and, to make the day even more special, the matching dresses mommy ordered this summer arrived the same week. fyi mommies, just ducky also offers several different doll styles you can customize so your little girl can match her favorite friend.
the two girls in the classroom-carter was so proud to show her friends ruthie, but more importantly, to show ruthie her classroom. here, she shows ruthie her spot on the carpet. 


emilynokesmartin said...

How sweet!! Carter looks so proud sitting by Ruthie!!


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