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Wednesday, December 6

Some Carter


Monday, November 27

Decking the Halls!


Turkey Day!


7 Months Old


Sunday, November 19

Comments Please


I just thought you'd all like to see how much Carter enjoys reading your comments!

can i have a pony?


Sunday, November 12

so, last week sometime we went to target as a family. while playing in the toy section, we found butterscotch. she comes with a brush and a carrot so you can brush her and feed her. and, when you do these things and more, she turns her head, neighs, moves her mouth, etc. carter was immediately fascinated . . . well, after she was scared to death. it is similar to the hokey pokey elmo relationship we have. carter talks about elmo and will admire elmo from afar, but as soon as he moves, she comes unglued. in fact, she is like this with all animated toys. i don't blame her-it's just not right.

so, back to butterscotch. carter told josh it was her horsey and she wanted to take him home. josh told her she was her horse, but because she was too big, she had to live at target and we could visit often. last night marks our fourth trip to visit "horsey, neigh". we stayed home from church today because miller has more mucus flowing from his nose than any child his size should. so, due to the lack of breakfast food, we went to mcdonald's to get something to eat. on the way home, i pointed out to carter that it was beginning to look a lot like christmas to which she replied presents (you can tell we've been working on this concept). i asked people are going to give you presents and carter replied babies and horsey neigh. so, for all of you thinking about buying us this $300 pony, don't because it would only live in the closet with hokey pokey elmo.

the one i love


Friday, November 10

turns 30 today!
that's right. . .30! so i thought it called for a top 10!( i would do a top thirty, but then it wouldn't really be the top then, would it?)

so, here it is . .
the top 10 songs for the josh i've known over the past 16 of his 30 years:
10. ain't no other man by christina aguilera
9. if i ain't got you by alicia keys
8. how sweet it is by james taylor, now that i've found you by alison krauss
6. marry you by doyle bramhall II
5. recently by dave matthews
4. ice cream by sarah mclachlan
3. i love you period by dan baird
2. my best friend by weezer
1. grow old with you by adam sandler

i love you, baby! happy birthday! any many more!

gbc's pumpkin party


there was a vintage firetruck at the party and carter thought it was the greatest!

carter's harvest party at preschool


yeah for pizza!

hope fall fun fest


even though it was freezing cold and raining, our little monkeys had a blast at hope's fall fun fest!

the pumpkin patch


first time in the big bathtub


bubbles, bubbles everywhere

sarah turned 2!


here is one of the many super cute pictures josh took at sarah's pajama party.

miller's milestones


on october 17th, miller turned 6 months old. he has been sitting independently for quite some time now. and, starting around 5 months, decided to stop sleeping through the night. i really thought he might be ready for food, but due to his eczema issues, i really wanted to wait as long as possible. apparently, children with eczema often times also have asthma and/or food allergies. breastfed children are at a lower rate for all of these issues. so, our pediatrician recommends breastfeeding exclusively until 6 months. we made it! we started miller on rice cereal, he was eating 4 tablespoons of a thick consistency within 3 days, started vegetables in 4. he started sleeping through the night again immediately. it has been crazy! the boy loves to eat! but we do have to try each new food for 5 days to watch for allergies.

blogger and i are about to fight-it has not uploaded any of my images today in the right order.

so, the second picture is carter trying to feed miller herself right after his first experience with rice cereal. we thought it was too cute!

now for the dets:
at his 6 month check-up, miller was 17 lbs 13 oz and 28 inches long. he is still in the 75th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for hieght. consistency is good. as for his head, it only grew 1/2 or 1 cm so, the curiosity has subsided as long as it continues to grow at a more normal rate. so, all is good.

oh wait, did i mention that miller also has 2 teeth! that's right, 2 teeth.



josh took this picture one saturday morning when carter & miller were playing in his crib. it is now one of our favorites!

matching pjs


how cute are they!

zoo pics with the gps


miller & papaw check out the zebras.
grammie & carter admire art in the panda exhibit.
carter & papa joe at the giraffes.
meme takes carter on the carousel, her favorite zoo treat.

these pictures are from our various zoo trips in september. we took both sets of grandparents to the zoo to see all the cool exhibits here in memphis. things have changed a lot since they all moved, and even more since i was carter's age, which is the last time my dad said he had been to the zoo.

stupid blogger . . .


is not letting me post pictures. so, if you are checking blogs because you can't sleep or because you're an early riser, you will have to wait until later some time. sorry!

just a little preview:
zoo pics with the gps, pj pics, sarah's 2nd birthday party, miller's 6 month milestones & halloween

this one goes out to poppy bill


so, for those of you thinking FINALLY, they are posting again . . . let me explain. we began blogging because absolutely none of our blood related family lives within the state of Tennessee. we were sending out almost daily emails of pictures to family all over the country. and, they were responding. these responses, often short & quick witted, went to josh's email and would have been appreciated by all. plus, due to our computer savy selves owning a mac, we could not include any type on the emails or our outdated pc using family would not get the pictures at all. so, i thought what a great solution to all our issues- a blog. we sent out emails, created posts and waited. nothing. then a smart comment from kelly about us not blogging. so we created more posts, and nothing. so, we slowed down and poppy bill posted. and then, they started flowing in-not comments, complaints. complaints that we weren't updating our blog. but to us, it appeared that no one was reading it. so, here's the deal-blogging is a reciprocal relationship. we blog, you comment. got it. okay. so the following blogs are for you, poppy bill!



Saturday, October 7

5 Month Pics...(Sorry, we're a little behind!)


Our Little Model


Carter & Sarah


Saturday, September 16

Two Princesses



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