Monday, October 6

as most of you know, i teach four year old preschool. i absolutely love my job with all of its quirks and opportunities. each year, we do "homework" or a piece of cardstock with the letter of the week written on it for parents to HELP their children learn their letters. this is supposed to be a fun and creative way for parents and children to spend some time together and lets the parents know where their child stands on letter recognition. 

most of you probably also know that our letter loving little girl is now in the fours as well. so, when the first week of homework rolled around, she was excited. but, completing the homework was not all it was cracked up to be. first, there was getting carter to put aside whatever else she was doing and spend time thinking of words that start with the correct letter. this is the most difficult part for her-hearing the sound, but she is getting it more each week. then, there was finding pictures to go with the words she chose. as a teacher and mommy, i refuse to do my child's homework for her. i also give her as little help as necessary because i want her to do it. she loves it so that helps a lot. so, carter comes up with the words, helps me find the pictures, cuts out the pictures, glues them on and writes all the words. i help find the pictures and help spell the words. the first letter was Mm so this was super easy in our house. when all was said and done, i had a much greater appreciation for all the parents who had ever completed these sheets and was very proud of my little girl. 

a few weeks later, carter was supposed to be getting ready for bed so she could finish her homework. she was being silly and not cooperating so we had told her a couple of times to go put her pjs on. still, nothing. so, i said, "go put your pjs on or you won't be able to do your homework." and, she was gone. ha!! how long will that last??



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