13 days til halloween

Sunday, October 19

craftiness #1: banner
this banner was a successful attempt to escape watching the vice presidential debate with my husband. why? you ask. well, is your husband a political science major who not only watches the debate, but critiques its successes and failures, gives other possible responses, pauses to comment on the ongoing repartee, etc? no, he isn't. well, thank goodness jennifer's is. this means i don't have to endure these painful debates, but can escape to a quieter location and let someone else enjoy the fun. so, after discussing crafty options during the first presidential debate, we decided to be productive during the vice presidential debate. armed with pretty paper, sparkling jewels and letters, adorable ribbons and the like, i headed to jennifer's house to create. when david returned home hours later, we were engrossed in a pile of scraps, hot glue and productivity. while he was on a high from political craziness, we were on a high from crafting a precious banner to celebrate the festive season. 
my banner says trick or treat. it is hanging between the towers in our playroom on a black & white polka dot ribbon that typically displays artwork. this year, i decided to place all the halloween decorations on the toy bins located here. because i wanted the banner to hang on an already hung ribbon, i did not connect my letters, but used craft clothes pins to attach them to the ribbon. this way, i can arrange it differently next year. 
this is from the other end of the banner. materials used include black cardstock, patterned papers, black chipboard letters, ribbon, pompom trim, rhinestones & buttons. other materials needed: glue dots, mono adhesive, hot glue, paper trimmer, circle cutter, scallop punch. if you have any other questions, just ask. happy crafting!

fyi: these two pictures were taken in extreme opposite situations. picture 1 was taken at night with the light on by josh and the camera he typically uses and a wide angle lens. picture 2 was taken during the day with natural lighting by me and his backup camera with a 50mm lens. 



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