Sunday, November 2

one thing i love about 4 year olds is their desire to be someone different every day, or several times a day. they can make a costume out of just about anything. carter is no different. she loves to dress up and has tons of costumes and random items to help do just that. so, halloween season is no different. she dressed as wendy for the hope fall fun fest, but she didn't get half the attention her little brother did. it was difficult for people to know what she was without the wig and because i usually had one and josh had the other. bless her heart, she had to be with him for anyone to get her costume. then, at preschool, she dressed as minnie mouse for her class party day. she was minnie mouse last year and told me about a month and a half ago that she was going to be minnie mouse for school. (her friend sophia was also minnie mouse and as soon as i find those pictures, i will tack one on.) so it came as no surprise when on the way home from school friday, she announced she would be belle for neighborhood trick-or-treating. 
belle and the cheeseburger
miller was really unsure about going door to door
a little funny: both kids had discussed the concept of trick-or-treating at school and safety for the night and so on. miller had been shouting "trick-or-treat!" randomly when talking about the upcoming event. so, we head out the door and visit our next door neighbors first because our kids are most familiar with them. as we get to the door, miller becomes very shy and his grip gets even tighter on my finger. when ms. christine brings the candy out to the kids, i ask, "what do you say?" carter responds, "trick-or treat!" and miller says, "may i have some candy?" well, at least he is polite and grammatically correct!



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