another day with daddy 09.20

Wednesday, October 15

another saturday with my mom scouring estate sales and another date for the kids with daddy. this time he wanted to take them to the zoo. they had been begging to go but the heat had prevented us from the short trek. this day was supposed to be a little cooler, but their report did not indicate such. it started with doughnuts at gibson's. carter said daddy let them each have two ("daddy's great . . ." our favorite bill cosby himself chant) and that her stomach hurt after eating all that sugar. miller was ecstatic because memphis played that day which meant that gibson's had blue sprinkles on many of their doughnuts, so he chose chocolate and that meant both of his favorite colors-blue & brown. after doughnuts, they were off to the zoo!

throwing change into the fountain-one of josh's favorite pictures!
i love this picture of carter-don't know why, just something about it!
oh my gosh, i could just eat him! maybe this isn't a blog about the zoo with daddy, but a shameless showing of my children's preciousness.
brotherly, sisterly love

on his tiptoes-too cute!
seriously, look at that face! 

sorry about the continued gushing of the adorableness of my family. but, let's be honest, you agree, even without the bow she left the house with, even with both their socks pulled up and even with chocolate on their clothes. hey, at least her shirt is tied correctly this time! (and, yes, i tied it before leaving the house. as josh watched, he had an ah! moment.)


Jamie said...

love the pic of carter too!


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