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Wednesday, June 30

since josh and i began having babies, we have only been away from them a few times and it was usually to bring home a sibling. but, two years ago, josh surprised me with a trip to los angeles. due to his strict vacation schedule with his previous job, we left after work on friday and returned sunday evening. since then, we have always wanted to go back and stay a little longer. when some friends were leaving for a cruise from los angeles, we decided to fly over and see a little more of the city.

i think there are two types of travelers-people who like to vacation like a sight seer and people who like to vacation like a local. josh and i are typically the latter. and, we LOVE to eat. so, lots of our vacation revolves around food. by the time our friends landed, we had already planned the day.
we started here.
then, we headed here because we couldn't wait . . .
for this . . . rows and rows of beautiful fabrics. it was total eye candy. we (um, the girls) just wandered in awe trying to selectively choose what we could pack and carry home.
it was a hard decision.

at first, at least one boy, was entertained by taking pictures, but then we were told that was not allowed. huh. so, they waited patiently. patiently, knowing that once we were done, we would finish our day at the farmers market. and, enjoy this . . .
so yummy.
followed by mango yogurt with fresh fruit from pinkberry.
more goodness.

and, that was day one.

now, you are probably expecting day two, but we apparently didn't take very many more pictures so that might be a little difficult. so, it went a little like this:

yummy brunch at john o'groats
a little ferris wheel at the santa monica pier
some random wandering at the promenade
a little visit with a friend of our friends
followed by a swanky dinner at firefly
until 1 am
uh, that was 3 am our time
we were so tired
because we have 5 children between the two couples
and we are usually only up at 3 am
when someone is sad or sick

but, that is okay because we could sleep in and it was still only 9 am
that is why i love la

so, on day 3
we hit wahoo's fish taco
dropped our friends at the boat
shopped ikea
shot an engagement shoot
dropped the film
and ended the day where we began on day one.

because on day 4
we returned to reality.
and, this is reality . . .

three weeks


Sunday, June 20

the last two months have been a blur. when i thought about this summer, i saw it as this amazing time where we would squeeze in all these fun activities knowing that this would be carter's last summer before she started school. in the dream-laden haziness, i saw josh being home to spend time with us and taking one day a week off for us to do some family filled trip to the zoo or the sprinkler park or the gardens or somewhere. anywhere. but here. trapped inside our house because the heat and randomness have gotten in the way of us packing up and heading out.

let me back up. so, when i last left you, we were living with my parents for a few days while we waited to get possession of our new house. days turned into weeks. three. to be exact.

in those three weeks, carter attended a morning camp two weeks. summer camps are great because they get your kid out doing something fun for usually a week so they don't get bored, get to try something new for not too much money, and you get a small break. except you have to entertain the younger one because he is sad he didn't get to go to camp, too. and, you have to make your day fit the camp schedule.  therefore, cleaning and painting our new house wasn't exactly the top priority those days.

in those three weeks, josh and i took a little trip to los angeles. by ourselves. that's right. 
but, we left my parents with the same three children that had already overstayed their welcome because when we planned this trip last october our house was supposed to go on the marked in january, not march. because i know you are wondering, all my children and my parents survived. even the one who is as cute as she thinks.

in those three weeks (and a few extra random days since), we painted every single room in the house except josh's office and the hallways. every single room.

in those three weeks, my children watched more tv and movies than should be allowed. ever.

then after three weeks, when we realized how long it was taking, we decided everyone should pitch in and pull their own weight.

we decided three weeks was long enough.

we decided what was done was good enough.

and we moved in.
most of these photos were found on our point and shoot camera. apparently two little somebodies did something other than watch tv while we were working ;)

she said


Friday, June 11

we went to los angeles for a few days and my parents kept our kids. when we returned, i was told the following story:

carter had been tattle taling on my dad all day. she walks into my parents bedroom where my mom is and proclaims, "papaw is wrong."

my mom: "wrong about what?"

carter: "he says i am not as cute as i think i am!"

hahahahahahahahahahaha! oh, to be that confident.



Wednesday, June 9

there are some things i can't live without. there are some things i can't imagine waking up and not being a part of my life. and, occasionally, something sneaks onto that list without me even knowing how dependent  i have become. like diet coke.

sometimes, i fight the relationship at first. sometimes, i refuse to believe how needy i am. but then, when i let my guard down, i realize that the opportunities are immense, the possibilities endless. and, suddenly, the love affair begins.

at first, it was just a picture or a phone call but then it was directions no matter where i was or the ability to make a list when my 5 year old had ganked every pen within a 5 mile radius. and, even when i didn't handle it with care, even when the impact forced little spider like veins to scatter across its body, it continued because it knew i needed it. it knew i couldn't make contact with the outside world unless it was in my possession. but, everything has a breaking point . . .

and, a concrete floor was its demise. now, it just glows.

and, i can't do anything. i can't call or be called. i can't text or be texted. i can't make a list or find out where i am or check the weather in los angeles (which i needed because i was in los angeles!) or take a picture when my baby fell asleep on the floor the other day or check email or entertain children with various games or function. somehow, slowly, over the last two years, my entire brain was transferred into various iphone apps. and now, it is gone. all gone.

goodbye, friend. i will miss you.
well, at least until the bigger, better version of you enters my life.


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