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Thursday, December 1

november may have been busy, but we definitely don't have any pictures to prove it. apparently, only two things mandated documentation. first, the elementary school our children go to has a huge parade every year to celebrate veterans day. it is called i love america day. each class is assigned a state and four students from each class are selected to represent the class in the parade.

this year, both of our children were selected to walk in the parade.

miller's class represented the state of idaho and he was a potato sack.

carter's class represented the state of michigan and she was a cheerleader.

then, the next week was american education week. the first day was favorite book character day. of course, my children do not miss a chance to dress up. 

they had a difficult time choosing who to dress up as, but once i told them it had to be something we already owned, it limited their list quite a bit. carter chose to be one of the ballerinas in miss lina's ballerinas and miller chose to be mouse from if you give a mouse a cookie.

it makes me happy that they like to dress up. it makes me happy that they love books. and, it makes me happy that they don't worry about whether or not anyone else at school will be dressed up. i hope they always make choices based on what they love and not what they fear. i hope.


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