look who turned 2!

Thursday, October 9

our friend, avery!
and look who came along with us-bunny!! 
see bunny got all dressed up recently before his last trip to our house, but why?? he was abandoned in our yard while we were on vacation. hmmm, that wasn't very nice of his other parents. if britney had done such a thing, kevin would have taken her to court and had all of her parental rights revoked. but we got home just in time to rescue him before the torrential down pour and kept him safe and dry at our house while staying with us. so, we decided since bunny had had such an difficult trip to the tillman's recently (really, who thinks plastic surgery is appropriate for a bunny? tisk! tisk!), we would surprise him with a little fieldtrip! we knew how disappointed he was after he missed carter's birthday, so we wouldn't dare let him miss avery's too! so, i thought we needed to add a little something to let everyone know how excited he was-a circle happy birthday banner to go with the round and round theme! isn't it cute??
so, we placed bunny in the corner of the playground where jennifer had mentioned the kids would be playing later in the party, but someone ignored him when they saw him sitting along the fence. what mother ignores their own child, i ask?? questionable, i tell you! so josh lovingly moved him to the center of the action. he was so excited to be able to see better until david almost stepped on him! atrocious, this behavior! seriously, someone call dhs! 
look how close he is, yet, so far away from attaining a true position as part of the family. 
miller helping avery open gifts as he did at carter's party. and then, look, what does avery see?
bunny!! oh, bunny! someone in the tillman family loves you! look how excited they both are to be reunited! bunny, we trust avery will make sure you are taken care of until you are returned! thank you, avery, for showing bunny the love and respect he deserves! 

and, happy birthday, avery! i know jennifer will post more pics as soon as she gets them from josh! see now he is delaying their blog, too!


jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

oh. this one makes me laugh.

not the way the story REALLY goes, but we'll blame it on the fact that you have Baby Brain right now.


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