a fancy affair 08.23

Thursday, September 18

carter celebrated her 4th birthday on a saturday in august. she requested a fancy nancy party. as a preschool teacher, i love the idea of a book character party, so we went all out. i couldn't find another place to have the party without them wanting to decorate and supply everything. since that is my favorite part, we had 16 girls at our teeny, tiny house instead. we cleared out the playroom, borrowed kids tables from our church and covered everything in tulle, flowers, beads, ribbon, etc. the girls were asked to come "fancy", but we provided a few more things in case they wanted more. i don't believe nancy would ever say there is such a thing as too much! so, the girls added costume jewelry, boas, sunglasses, etc. 

they decorated paper lanterns like nancy used to make her room fancy.
paper and foam flowers, rhinestones, ribbon, glitter glue-what more could you want!
the very fancy birthday girl
fancy amelia
we read the story to our friends because not everyone knows about fancy nancy-gasp!!
we drank pink lemonade with umbrella straws and snacked on "sandwiches with toothpicks" and "tiny hot dogs" just like nancy.
we celebrated with parfaits-"that's french for ice cream sundaes."
the girls got to make their own-some of them consumed crazy amounts of sugar,
 including mine ;)
opening presents
as you can see, i think she had a great day and loved her party!

poor miller was in estrogen overload! he just wanted to go outside or be held. bless his heart-this is just a glimpse of what life will be like with 2 sisters. josh said he has never felt like our house was that small. every birthday i say this is the last time we will do it here, but i just won't sacrifice the details-yet! i am sure i will change with 3, but we shall see! 

what a fun day and totally worth it all for my sweet princess! we love you, carter!


The Perkins Trio said...

what a fun party!


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