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Friday, April 24

i was tagged by jennifer. so, here goes:

8 things i am looking forward to:
1. going to the beach!
2. having clean clothes

isn't she pretty?? i think she needs a name . . .
3. teaching in the fall
4. watching my girls become best friends

not a great picture, but i love the way carter is looking at spencer
5. having josh home during the week (when he is a big wig wedding photographer)
7. buying another house (hopefully, in a better school district and with all our non-negotiables)
8. hanging out with my kids as adults when they are their own person 

8 things i did yesterday:
(written on thursday)
1. finally put the flowers josh bought for me in water
2. finally started to tackle the laundry heap on the counter

just keeping it real!
3. watch 2 episodes of gilmore girls on abc family (ahh, we are back to season 5, girls!)
4. cut three sets of finger nails (none of which were mine)
5. only drank one diet coke (it's an earth day miracle!)
6. ate lunch outside with my kids and my mom
8. changed a ridiculous amount of diapers (ugh!)

too bad he couldn't do them all!

8 things i wish i could do:
1. heal miller's skin
2. live in nyc 
3. play the guitar
4. have legs like this

5. wouldn't mind being able to sing like her either
6. bring back gilmore girls (or at least have it end correctly!)

Align Center
oops! that's not a picture of lorelei & rory
oh, ooh! that's not either. well, at least you have some eye candy now.
7. twitch my nose like sam to do, well, just about anything
8. know my grandmother who passed away when i was two

8 shows i enjoy:
1. gilmore girls (oh, i miss you so!)
2. one tree hill (drama!)
3. gossip girl (i know, i am not in high school, but it is my soap opera)
4. how i met your mother 
5. friends (most quotable tv show ev-a!)
6. the office
7. lost 
8. american idol 

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