Friday, April 17

he is 3 today. at 12:59 pm, to be exact. 

he was my most difficult labor. he was our largest baby (weight & length). he was our most difficult baby (to this point, spencer may change her mind). 

he has a great sense of humor. he has the most giving heart. he has a very mathematical mind.

he loves me like no one else loves me. it is so true what they say about boys and their mommas. 

he loves cookie monster, woody from toy story, hot blue (name he made up for royal blue, equilavent to his sister's favorite color, hot pink.), cheese, blueberries, milk, pockets and his sisters.

he loves these pants (would wear them everyday) and giraffes and rain boots. 
he loves reading books, putting together puzzles and building with blocks.

he runs everywhere. 

i love to hear him pronounce words like william & binoculars. i love the way he misuses pronouns and starts many sentences with " i no want . . "

he is precious to us. he stole our hearts that day three years ago and we couldn't imagine the world without him. happy birthday, buddy! we love you!


Natalie said...

Your little man & mine share a birthday. Hope yours was great!

Emily & Amelia said...

Awe!!! Precious guy! Happy Birthday Miller!!

la said...

so sweet! this post about made me cry! what a great way to immortalize all his interests and personality at this age. happy birthday cutie :)

Southern Mama said...

Loved this! He is so precious. I can't believe he's three years old!

jennifer said...

oh this post is so great.

love all those pictures!

grammie said...

...and a great hugger! and giggler! The absolute cutest grandson ever!!


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