how to dye eggs 04.09

Monday, April 13

we dyed eggs with the tillmans again this year. it was a bit more chaotic than last year having added two babies, but the more the merrier, right?

with 4 adults and 5 kids, we tried to be organized. each adult helped a big kid while josh took pictures. but when spencer demanded that she be fed, miller was left fending for himself.
attempting to dye his hand yellow
avery and her foofa egg
ms. jennifer shows off her mad skills while helping carter
miller thought we said egg drop

after all eggs were dyed, we busted out the paas color sticks. they are so much fun! plus, they help disguise all the eggs that turned a weird shade of brown from "suicide" dying (you know, where you dip the egg in every color dye).
avery channeling her inner jackson pollack
miller "writing" his name
carter's finished piece of art

it took miller and avery approximately 2 seconds to "decorate" all their eggs, so they headed off to play. i put spencer in charlie's carseat to help carter and when i turned around, miller was doing this:
poor spencer. she just sat there like the little doll he was treating her as. 
and, after being left there for longer than expected, she did what any baby would, she put it in her mouth. bless her heart-couldn't someone at least put clothes on her??
back to carter-she decided to draw an egg for miller.
so, she added hair,
then a face,
then she announced, "this is miller as an easter bunny for halloween!"



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