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Tuesday, March 17

isn't that what today is supposed to be about? well, i have one area right now that while lucky for most, is not so lucky for me. as you know, we have an 11 week old baby. oh, she is precious! but, that is besides the point. she is also breastfed. so were the other two. i know that breastfeeding alone comes with all sorts of baggage, but this is not that kind of post. this post is about me! ha! see, most of you who breast feed love it (and hate it) for many reasons, but you really love it because of how it makes you look. most of you find the girls growing while your tummy is shrinking. in fact, you may look a little like this:

me, not so much. see my weight hangs on. and on. and on. until i ween my child. so while you feel like that, i feel like this:

seriously. it sucks. we are hitting the beach in a little less than 7 weeks, and so i have been trying to look a little less like the above by watching what i eat. but let me tell you the problem: i am ravenous. i am hungrier when i nurse than when i am pregnant. it is horrible. and, if you have never nursed (and i am not judging), you do not understand what i mean by hungry.  it strikes out of nowhere and only gets worse until you put something in your mouth. it doesn't matter what, just how much. and the answer is A LOT. because i am a busy mommy of 8 piglets 3 children what i usually grab to stuff my face with is not the best choice. it may include, but is not limited to: goldfish, cheeze its, chips, lofthouse cookies,etc. i know there are better options, but when the hunger strikes, i would eat my hand. seriously.

but, while my skinny jeans might not fit yet, i have hope and, as luck would have it, a beautiful reason to be a little chubbier for the next few months!

and, let me tell you, she is worth it. worth every single pound.


Margaret said...

I would say she is worth it! Beautiful pictures!!

Kris J. said...

ah, my weight stuck around while i was nursing too, didn't drop off until faith weaned down to one feeding. but you look great, and baby pencer is just adorable!!

la said...

OH my gosh. so precious. i tried to think of something clever to say, but i've got nothing. overcome with cuteness...

The Perkins Girls said...

She's precious! And is it just me, or does she look just like Miller??

Molly said...

I would say she is definitely worth it! She is beautiful! Hey,
any reason to eat Lofthouse cookies is a good reason!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, and so are you. Munch on, Mama!


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