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Wednesday, April 8

how about a little holiday decor tour . . .
this is my only display area in case you are wondering why i show the same area over and over. that cute little bunny was finally discovered at pier 1 for $2. that's right, $2. isn't he cute? i love his little home in the vintage wooden thimbles. a sad story-the other night, josh took the trash out and while he was outside, i heard this really loud noise that sounded like something hitting glass. for a minute, i wondered if he was shot. since i was feeding spencer, i just ignored it (nice, huh?) and, when josh came in unscathed, asked him to check it out. he, of course,  found nothing. the next day as  i was looking around, i found a huge crack down the entire side of my glass container. sad! now, i will have to go buy a new one. yeah! also, the two pictures are always displayed there, but they fit perfectly because they were both taken during easter.
this bible verse card is from a set of vintage children's memory scripture cards i found at an estate sale. i love being able to change it out.

carter made this cross at an easter egg hunt recently. miller supposedly has one in josh's car-fyi, i may never see it, it will probably be consumed by marjory the trash heap. i am pretty sure she lives underneath all the diet coke cans. anyway, they just put blue tape in the form of a cross on a piece of wood. it was prepainted white, then the kids painted over the tape. when they removed the tape, it looks like this. how cute? just incase some of you might want a cute and simple craft project for the kiddos with an extra day off.



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