an ode to bobby or the lost post

Friday, April 10

~i found this post recently. it was typed on april 10th, but i had to go through cds and hard drives to find pictures. one thing lead to another and i obviously forgot. when i read it, i knew i had to post it because of the impact it had on our family. so . . .

bobby, bobby b (said in your best snl whitney accent), bobbarino, bob . . . 

these are all endearing terms for one of the few things that has brought miller comfort for the last THREE years. (can you believe he will turn 3 next week??) for a child that screamed for hours on end as an infant and toddler due to horrible eczema that we treat daily with several different medicines, comfort was hard to find. when he was injured, heart broken, tired, whatever, bobby brought him joy. 

i made up songs about bobby:

we love you bobby, oh, yes we do
we love you bobby,  you're always true
when you're not with us, we're blue
oh, bobby, we love you

he went to the beach,
to get miller's first haircut,
and to zoo lights. we used to jokingly say he was our third child because he went everywhere we did.

we knew bobby couldn't be part of our lives forever, but we weren't sure how or when to take it away. then, last tuesday, we forgot to take it to school. miller said he could take a nap without it. on thursday, we lost it. seriously, lost it. miller and i looked everywhere. (or so we thought.) so, another nap with no bobby. that night, i had craft club and josh put him to bed without bobby. he made it! two days later, we spotted bobby under the crib. (miller is still in a crib because i haven't found a bed for carter who is sleeping in the bed meant for him.) i just left it. he found it later when josh asked me if miller had seen what was under the bed. uh, he has now. but we told him it was dirty. he handed it back immediately and later said he wanted to give it to a baby that needed it. as i type, miller is sleeping without bobby for the 9th night in a row. the only problem is he gets up really early, but i am hoping that will correct itself eventually.

if you are wondering why we didn't just give him a different bobby, it is because we only had one. miller has had the same mam pacifier in blue since he was six months old. they discontinued the color/print pattern almost a year ago, so i of course bought all that i could find because don't they know children get attached to things. 

bobby may have been a huge part of our life, but he will not be missed . . . for long.

this is miller straight out of the crib after nap time (5/2008). it is one of my favorite pictures. 


breanne said...

I'm sad just reading about it! I was more upset when Tanner gave up his "binky" than he was. I think I cried b/c then I knew he was growing up.


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