my name's woody

Monday, April 20

over the past few months each time we have asked miller about his birthday party, he would say he wanted a woody party, so a woody party he got.

the invitation complete with stitching and bandana fabric

the birthday boy as woody
i made his shirt from a white button down, sunflower yellow rit dye and a red paint pen.
my mom made the vest and my dad spray painted a plastic badge silver.

his sister as jessie
once again, my mom used heat n bond to create jesse's shirt and chaps. and, i added the details with a red paint pen.

party activities included:

a table of army men,

a table of potato heads,

and a gold dig.

we were going to have pizza for lunch, but when the birthday boy fell the day before his party and bit through his tongue, pizza was a no go. so, we decided on hotdogs. (did i mention he woke up at 1 am wheezing with a barking cough and was diagnosed with croup minutes before people began to arrive for his party?) but, that didn't stop him from enjoying the yummy chocolate cake he requested!

and, the other activity was creating a stick horse from a sock and a dowel. i put the stick and the sock together and cut out the mane and ears in advance. then, when each child arrived, they chose the mane, ears and eyes they wanted and we whip stitched it together. we then decided no horse is complete without a bridle, so we added those as well.

so, once they were all finished, we had to see how fast they could race, right?

ride em, cowboy!

i think he had fun, whattaya think?


Margaret said... are so creative!!

Molly said...

I think that that is the cutest party ever! You should definitely win an award or something!!!! LOVE IT!

jennifer said...

oh! the pictures are almost as fun to see as the party was!

Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

Wow - such a creative mommy you are!! Can I hire you to do all my kids parties from now on?

kris said...

i love these, such a great party! i'm so making you faith's 3rd bday party coordinator! ;)

rachel said...

are you kidding me!? you are so creative. looks like so much fun. what great memories.


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