he'll huff and he'll puff 03.10

Thursday, April 2

remember the perfect day at the park? as we were walking home that day, miller was jumping to get dogwood flowers off a tree. i know, i know he isn't supposed to hijack park foliage, but he was being tended to by his father. as he's trying to swipe the flowers, two women were walking a large, beautiful husky along the path. miller landed on the ground and turned to catch up with us just in time to come face to face with the husky. Startled, he shouts,"oh, no, the big bad wolf!"

after josh and the red riding hoods had a great laugh, he and miller caught up with us and my little prince presented me with this:
oh, i love that kid! what a mess!


grammie said...

This kid is just too adorable for words.


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