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Thursday, April 23

i usually don't discuss political issues on here, but some of the things i have heard this week astound me. let me preface this by saying, josh banned me from the local news several years ago. we have never watched it regularly, but when we did catch an episode, he said i could talk about a thirty minute episode for three months. he was right. the information shocks me to the core. if you live in memphis, you know that the local news begins with the last 3 or 4 homicides from the day and then moves onto something like tennessee's ridiculous solution to correcting the problem of unpaid child support. (do you really think that people who are already breaking the law by not paying child support care if you revoke their driver's license? i don't think so!) 

then, last week, josh left me stranded on the couch nursing while bill o'reilly was on. it just so happened to be wednesday, so dennis miller was on for his weekly comedic relief of the nation's crazy antics. the biggest topic was why we (the u.s.) cannot use the term "terrorist" even to describe the worst political criminals, but we throw the term "pirate" around like peter pan and the lost boys. 

yesterday, it happened again. but this week, a few more stupid mishaps have occurred. first, the drama over miss usa. since when did your personal opinion determine whether or not you win a beauty pageant. and, what attributes qualify perez hilton as a judge in any pageant, other than maybe the drag queen of the year. this has caused a bigger uproar than watching toddlers in tiaras get spray tanned!

next, they discussed a new British study that says obesity is bad for the environment. they interviewed a girl (in her early 20s) who works to prevent childhood obesity who said that obese people who eat more than their body needs are causing others to subsidize them. they discussed how the government in all their love for the earth may choose to tax obese people or credit the physically elite. are you kidding me? how did we get here?

hundreds of years ago, the pilgrims came to america to escape religious persecution and now we are taxing the obese and requiring that you believe in same-sex marriage. really? REALLY? 

i told josh watching these channels may cause me to loose my mind. well, at least what is left after birthing 3 children in 4 years. if i watched this stuff every day, i would be huddled in the fetal position  waiting for the world to implode. am i the only momma out there who chooses not the be politically aware? 


grammie said...

It's all getting too rediculous. We're thinking about moving to Costa Rica.

G said...

Oops...I meant ridiculous!

Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

I hear ya girl!! Absolutely bewilders the stew out of me, too! I, on the other hand, do enjoy the self-torture of watching the daily news. Ticks me off to no end, but it does daily remind me that with every down-turn of humanity, we are just that much closer to being in eternity with our awesome Saviour. Can't help believe that it's not much longer! Great post and AMEN!

jen said...

i am with you! tom said he is going to stop listening to talk radio because it raises his blood pressure! and the miss usa thing is crazy!

jennifer said...

ugh. i know.

it's out of control.

great post!


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