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Tuesday, April 7

every monday night, i meet with a group of girls for a little creative restoration. we pick a craft, collect our supplies, meet up, talk, laugh, covet every one else's supplies, talk, laugh, drag out the large craft towers, start crafting, talk, laugh, bounce ideas off each other, talk, laugh, and eventually head home with a semi-finished craft. hopefully, we complete some of the projects and maybe even blog about them. but most of all, we get a much needed break from our typical mommy frenzied day.

over time, other friends and bloggers have inquired about our crafts and so we thought what if we put them all in one place. what if we created a crafty blog where each of us posted our final product with details and tutorials? and so it all began. but first, we had to take care of the details.

we wanted a fun name. we wanted she's crafty. but of course it's taken. whatever. so jennifer and i attempted to think of a creative, kitschy little name. when our over worked baby brains gave us absolutely nothing, we requested the help of our very creative, ridiculously funny husbands. here are a few of their suggestions:

meet the smockers
but, umm, we don't smock

kiss my craft
hmm, a bit inappropriate

are we crafty? i gesso
a little long and do you even know what gesso is??

who gives a craft?
seriously might be my favorite, but once again . . .

then it just went downhill from there. i guess that is what we get from enlisting their help during march madness. so, it was left to us to come up with something. after much discussion and little chance that she's crafty would come available, we settled on martha mondays. why?
because, like i said, we meet on mondays and, when we do so, we try to channel our inner martha, and, daily, the biblical martha. so, if you are looking for a little craftiness, come check it out! 

if you had to read this story twice because you follow more than one of our blogs, i sincerely apologize. so, how about a sneak peek of my easter projects:

now head on over and take a look at what every one made for spring!


la said...

sweet! a new blog to read!


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