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Monday, March 30

. . . to dress your children!

not long after i had carter, i began to form my own ideas about how i wanted her to dress. i have worked with children of varying ages for as long as i can remember and the first decision i made was that i wanted my babies to be dressed like, well, babies. down here in the south, that entails bloomers and bows and smocking, trunk shows and boutiques, bubbles and jon jons, and so on. and, i am more than happy to oblige!

as she has grown older and more have come along, i have learned that the advice "you have to pick your battles" is entirely true, especially with children. so, we have "rules" (this is a term my friends have given me, i prefer "ideas", as rules implies that i enforce them on others). for example,

some days are bow days
no black (unless part of a costume)
no characters 

well, and, sometimes you have to pick your battles!

especially when they are FREE!! that's right, FREE! thanks, jen and emma, we appreciate the hand-me-down!

and, especially when they make this little boy so happy! he loves some cookie! loves! so this mama will forfeit this one. thank goodness they don't light up!!


Emily & Amelia said...

More power to ya!!!! I lose the battle daily!! I bet the smile on Miller's face is HUGE!!!!!

Southern Mama said...

Oh My!! Welcome to the other side my friend.....Welcome to the other side!!!

The Perkins Girls said...

I am shocked!!! I hope Miller appreciates the bend in the "ideas" :) Ooh, and they're black...


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