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Sunday, September 21

the reason i blog is to share pictures with our family which until last fall lived 100% out of the state we live in. but, the reason I blog, is to remember these stories. these stories that we live, that my children create and tell, that occur around us, etc. because one day, like tomorrow, i will not remember. i have the worst long term memory and currently, my short term memory is pretty bad, too!
so, for some reason, the following story came to mind and i have share it before i forget it, again, or forever!

our third day on vacation, we went to spend the morning in destin with the williams family reunion crew. as i was getting the kids ready, carter requested buns in her hair. i said okay and went about our sunscreen "babing" suit routine. when i was ready to do her hair, i realized that it may be too short, huh. so we tried pigtails from where we used to do pigtails and they stuck out from the side of her head like the first time i ever did pigtails. umm, no, we all agreed. then, i tried low pigtails, which while i thought they were adorable, carter said, "i am not going if i have to go like this!" i had to cover my face so she would see me laugh! SERIOUSLY! are we starting this already??

we settled on a single bun on top of her head. josh thought we were doing her hair because i wanted for her to have buns-um, no, the time has come and gone for me to fight that battle. a bow, now that is a battle i will fight, but as long as she looks appropriate most of the time, i feel i have done my job as a southern parent of a little girl. besides, i will get to do girl hair the way i want to again one day, and that makes this southern mama happy!



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