boys will be boys

Saturday, September 13

this is one of those phrases that drives me crazy because people use it to justify their child's inappropriate behavior. you know what i mean-a boy knocks down your brand new infant walker, breaks a picture frame into a million tiny pieces or uses rocks to write his name on the side door of the car and mom and/or dad respond ,"well, boys will be boys!" like they can't do anything to change their genetic make-up and teach them to make better decisions. but, as miller has gotten older, God has shown me that this phrase really means that boys and girls were created differently. do you remember the nursery rhymes? my little girl has always been a girl and a very girly girl at that. she loves pink and glitter and makeup and dresses and dolls and so on. she prances instead of runs, moves at her own pace, is very neat and loves to do art projects. miller came out making huge messes and loud noises. and the older he gets the more he gets into. he uses anything as a step stool-chairs, the play kitchen, the toilet, the kitchen table. he can stain a shirt without even wearing it. it is crazy! 

so, this day at the zoo was no different. this is what miller's feet looked like after the first puddle he found at the zoo (it had rained all day the day before).
then, he led the girls through this puddle. notice he is splashing while the girls are standing still.
then, after we drug them out of that puddle, we got our favorite zoo treat-shave ice! miller always has to have blue and this time carter chose green. notice the difference between how carter eats her treat and how miller devours his.

seriously! we sat right next to the kiosk by the elephants so everyone who purchased shave ice had to pass us. and, of course, they had to comment on how much miller was enjoying his treat. so much so, that i actually overheard the guy selling it tell someone else that it wouldn't stain. oh, really. well, we will see about that. look at how filthy he is! but, he was right, everything came clean. so, next time you go to the zoo, take a little break and enjoy our favorite treat! 



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