the iphone

Thursday, September 18

this is supposed to simplify my life. this is supposed to be cutting edge technology. this is supposed to allow me the quickest internet access. and, i thought, it was supposed to be a cell phone. umm, but no, it is not. 

this little piece of heaven allows me to use gps when mapquest provides incorrect directions and i am in no man's land georgia at 1 am with 2 sleeping children. it allows me to bid on ebay at the touch of a button no matter where i am (i know you are jealous!). it allows me to keep numerous lists which this pregnant mama needs to remember her own name right now. but, it doesn't allow me to make a phone call without constantly dropping the signal. ugh! if you check my call log, next to every call of more than a few minutes is a large number. that number is the number of times that person was called before the next number was connected. so, i am talking to my mom and i have to stand in a 3 foot radius of my home while my 2 children ask for things and need things i cannot reach without dropping my call. and, even if i stand in that space, the call will be dropped and i will have to call her back to finish my conversation. 

oh, apple, how you have let me down! see we are a strictly mac house. and josh has been dying for an iphone since steve jobs made the announcement in january 2007. when they announced the new iphone, he was determined to have one for each of us. he wanted to wait in line for hours and be able to claim he was one of the lucky ones. and he might have, if he didn't have a wedding in st.louis that day. my friend jenny said you could order them and when they finally arrived, he was in love. i just wanted a phone. so, here we are weeks later and he is still in love and i am in disgust. a few days ago, he updated my iphone and it worked for 3 days and then today, it has dropped the last 2 phone calls. i am hoping it is a coincidence. i am hoping the update corrected the issues. i am hoping i can use my phone as, well, a phone. 


Kelly said...

i feel the same way about mine. i love everything about my phone except the actual phone call part:)


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