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Thursday, September 11

we remember the events that occurred on this day seven years ago. we remember those who lost their lives that day. we remember those currently fighting for our freedom and the freedom of others. we remember those who have lost their lives since that day while fighting for the freedom of others. it is a selfless act that we each take for granted every day. thank you for your willingness to serve your country!

i was saddened today by the lack of attention given to this day. i do believe it should be a national holiday-to remember and celebrate the lives of those who lost theirs that day or the days that followed.

josh talked to carter about the men who serve in our military tonight as they said her prayers. afterward, she called me in to pray with her again. i knew they had prayed for the "army men" but was shocked by her attentiveness to what he said and the questions she asked. she wanted to know about the "army men who protect us and others who live far away," she wanted to know if their were "army girls and women" who served as well, she wanted to know if they "take care of children hit by drivers and fix their booboos" and she wanted to know what they did when they came home. we then prayed for those women as well as the men she had prayed for before. it is never too early for your child to have an appreciation for the military and the sacrifices they make. i would have never thought of talking to her about this at her age, but she comprehended the importance of sacrifice and the need for protection. i hope she keeps her appreciation and it grows stronger in a society where people question their importance, intelligence and need.

a side note: she then asked to pray for "her baby" that God would "please, please, please keep her warm and happy inside until she was ready."


Southern Mama said...

So sweet. "Through the mouths of babes."

Carla Reyna said...

Carter is a precious little girl, I love her so much already!

jennifer said...

oh. amen, little sister!


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