a much needed vacation

Tuesday, September 2

after several summer weddings and our just ducky trunk show for fall, we were in need of a break before the chaos of august. so, we hit the beach with our favorite family. it is becoming an annual tradition. but, this time, we also went for a mini family reunion. that is, if you call 26 people "mini". it was a reunion of josh's maternal grandmother's children (3+3), grandchildren (6+5), and great grandchildren (8).
carter & g.g. (great grandmother)
savannah & carter-the only girl cousins
miller cooperating in a family picture and . . . 
carter cooperating in a different family picture, of course!

this was our first day in destin with the reunion. we spent the entire day at the house at the beach, taking family pictures and celebrating g.g.'s birthday. more to come . . .



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