beach pictures, the first try

Wednesday, September 3

each year every momma who treks to the beach on their family vacation has but one desire. that desire is for the perfect beach picture of their children dressed in matching smocked clothes with sunkissed skin and glowing smiles to blow up to 24x36 and hang on their wall for others to ohhh and ahhh at and wish only their children had been so cooperative. i am that momma. last year was a reminder that each time you add another one to the mix, that desire is even less attainable. it is a more difficult reach when your husband is also the photographer and has less patience than usual with the subjects because they are also his offspring. and why oh why do we wait until the end of the trip to drag miller into the sand with his super sensitive, overly stimulated eczema laden skin. it only makes the situation worse-and this year was no different . . .

notice carter is alone already. hmmm . . . because miller preceded to have a monsterous melt down that woke everyone within a 15 mile radius. seriously. 


jennifer said...

I gotta say, the pics turned out really nicely. You can't tell that Miller was SCREAMING HIS HEAD OFF the entire time. I'm impressed! ;-)


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