beach pictures, take two

Wednesday, September 3

after the early morning picture taking debacle, we decided to try again after naps and before dinner. right off the bat, miller was noncooperative. carter was a little slow opening up, but once again, did wonderfully during the process. 
miller was having another major meltdown when i decided to pull a kevin leman, as my friends and i call it. this is when you basically pretend you are leaving your child wherever their tantrum is occurring and possibly appear to others as if you are not blood related to the child. i know, some of you are thinking harsh (one day you will understand) and others are thinking why haven't i ever tried this. well, the key is to make the child think you are leaving the area and that their tantrum is not the center of attention. the key is for them to understand you are serious and they do not make the calls. the key is to not have a nosy beach goer approach your child and appear to be their knight in shining amour and ruin your best laid plan! 
the only reason why we are posting a picture of this woman is because of how precious our little terror appears!
the girls
she finally leaves allowing josh to actually take pictures of our family minus said intruder.


Southern Mama said...

I'm so jelous of your pictures!! Don't even look at mine on my blog. How embarassing!!! Does Josh do pictures of kids or just weddings?

jennifer said...

That lady was a total weird-o. Stay away from my kid, lady! We don't want your crazy here!


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