Monday, September 8

on his blog, josh always uses the pronoun "we" when writing about his business. for a while, the we has been in the fact that someone else drives the checks to the bank (late usually), someone else picks up the packages from the back step or the ups man, etc. but the "we" was not in the actual photography. 

for a few years, josh may have been the only photographer around here, but he isn't here every minute. and, honestly, he isn't here during the daily events that sometimes evolve into the best picture opportunities. so, around the time miller was born, i picked up the camera and started shooting away. josh was a little surprised by what he saw and excitedly wanted me to share his passion. i do share his passion, but i also have my own passion (teaching) and two children to take care of. i want to learn more and i need to learn more (about iso and aperture and other words that make no sense unless you have read your camera manuel), but josh says i have what can't be taught. our goal is for me to be able to shoot with him, but it seemed impossible until my parents moved back. now, i can go when he needs me and someone can watch the kids and it will not cost us a fortune. so, saturday afternoon and part of the evening, i accompanied josh to a wedding he was shooting. he blogged about it tonight and even included a couple of MY shots-can you believe it?? check it out here!


jennifer said...

Which ones did you do????

I'm so impressed --- but NOT surprised.

Is there an end to your hidden talents? Good Heavens, Lady!


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