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Monday, June 1

carter took dance again this year. she took tap, ballet & jazz and her recital was a couple of weeks ago. if you have never been to a dance recital, let me give you the run down. 

dance participants must be at the recital early. therefore, mommy (and nursing sister) must be at the recital early. this year, we sent miller home with meme & papaw after a fun day of playing beauty shop & garden center for a long nap. josh met me just before the first of 29 acts. that’s right, i said 29.

spencer slept the entire time we waited for the recital to begin. the second someone came on stage to begin speaking, spencer awoke with a vengence. thank goodness for friends! ms. wanda volunteered to take her outside (her daughter was in acts 24 & 28) for the first 3 acts (carter was in acts 3, 9 & 25.)

carter looked so precious. so happy. so in love with what she was doing. 

until she did something i asked her not to do on stage . . .
after she took care of business, carter she jumped right back in.

i really couldn't believe that she remembered four routines so well, especially since she missed the next to last class while we were at the beach. (beach, beach)

between the acts our children were in, we parents entertained ourselves for almost 3 hours (plus 45 minutes before the recital) by well, laughing and laughing and laughing. i was so thankful i sat where i did, or it could have been bor.ing
the last routine was for jazz. her absolute favorite class. it is also the shortest portion of her dance lessons. (carter really wants to take hip hop, but it is not typically offered anywhere until 5 and they don't offer it until later. if you are in the area and know of somewhere we can take it (she will be 5 in the fall) please, please let me know.)

i just love the look of pure joy on her face. it makes it worth every single penny.
now, i can mash potatoes . . .
i can do the twist . . .
tell me, baby, do you like it like this?
tell me.
do you love me?
just precious!

edited to add: on the way to the recital, carter said, "mommy i have to tell you a secret. i am a little nervous." 

really, because i couldn't tell.


Southern Mama said...

Love it. There is nothing like Ms. Pat's signature white tu tu's! Fun times!

Molly said...

How adorable. I miss Lydia taking dance.....
Yes, waiting for the recital is boring. Do Mom's still tape off 3 rows for their own sweet family with masking tape?

Amanda Lovell said...

She looked adorable!! You know dance is in my heart. I can't wait for Kerrington to be old enough to take. If I was still in Memphis, I would be teaching little ones!!! Who is she taking from?? My little niece is getting older and I want her to start taking. Again, she is a beauty!! I remember those days of 3 1/2 hour recitals. My brothers remember the torture as well. Miller will thank you later for sparing him the agony.

kris said...

love these!! she is simply radiating with joy, even when she's...um, taking care of business? love!

Rachel said...

My gracious, she is so cute! You have such beautiful children!

Jamie said...

love love love these pics! yay!

Erica Baumer said...

That is sooo funny and precious at the same time! I remember taking dance (my grandparents owned and taught at our family dance studio) and I even had to play a tee-ball game in sponge curlers on the day of a recital.

beth e. said...

So sweet! I always took dance when I was little; I can't wait for Meyers to take, too.

Elizabeth said...

OH.MY.GOSH... She's SO insanely Precious!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones of her picking at her tights on stage. Ha ha. It happens to the best of us! :)

She seems like a natural on stage.


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