feathered friends or foes?

Tuesday, June 16

almost two weeks ago, we woke up on friday morning and immediately knew that the day contained all the elements for a perfect zoo day. so, we called the grandparents and met up for a beautiful, cool day at the zoo in june. (these have since been replaced with hot, sweltering never leave air conditioning days in june. thanks, mother nature.) i packed the camera because i knew the kids would get to do something i would never, EVER take them to do:

this is the summer exhibit for 2009. birds and bees. when we told them about it, carter immediately asked, "why would i want to stand in there with bees?" good question, kid. mommy wonders the same thing about birds. 
this is quite possibly my biggest nightmare: a confined space full of people and birds. birds. did you hear me say BIRDS? yuck!
this is as close to this exhibit as i will get. yes, even for my kids. because when those birds aren't being coerced onto a stick, they all get together and fly in swarming circles! oh.my.gosh. i think my heart is palpitating just writing this. 
oh, i am better. cute baby pictures make me better. after all the bird hullabaloo, we made our way to sno cones and diaper changes.
and took another self portrait in the sling.
tagging along with the grandparents means you get sno cones, penny souvenirs and a ride on the pretty carousel because we know they are all made of money.
and, they will push your exhausted children to the car when all they are doing is whining and complaining. the children that is, not the grandparents. 
thanks, meme & papaw! we had a so much fun and great naps, too!


Molly said...

Your bird phobia is so funny! My Mom HATED anything with feathers...so does Lydia!

Those pictures are so cute.
Love the stroller pic....and of course who wouldn't love a pic of a beautiful baby peeking out from under neath her hat?

breanne said...

Serious anxiety there! I refuse to go there too. Afterall, one of those awful creatures might attack...seriously.

Staci said...

Love the sling fabric - did you make it? if not can you tell me where you purchased it? TKS!

Emily & Amelia said...

I, too, will not get near that exhibit!!! I have had a fear of birds since being attacked by a flock of them while my family and I were visiting Alcatraz in SF years ago - hate.them. The Denver Zoo had this same exhibit years ago, so I thought I would give it a go - STILL a bad idea - they are crazy

beth e. said...

I would not even get near that the other day at the zoo. Birds freak me out!!!

meme said...

So kind of you to let a strange bag lady ride the carousel with the children.


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