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Tuesday, June 2

as i mentioned in the last post, we spent the morning of recital day playing beauty shop and garden center. carter came up with this idea:
i know some of you are thinking, "you let her do what?" but let me explain. it is better this pony gets a makeover than my budding stylist herself or her little brother. so, after a little discussion (which may or may not work-i will let you know), she began to work on her clients for the day.
while she doesn't have the gift of edward scissorhands, i do believe she had the same results.
her next client for the day just wanted a little trim to shape up her long locks.

after lunch, we planted some begonias in our flower bed:
look! a worm!

carter focused on watering the plants just like papaw showed her . . .
miller did not.
but, we all had a good time as long as carter didn't have to touch the worm.


Molly said...

awww....boys and worms!
that's what little boys are made of!


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