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Wednesday, June 24

do you remember my rambling blog post about a sweet bride of josh's who referred to her fiance with a moniker only suited for a super hero?? well, after months of reading her blog, following along with her crafting ideas and discussing details of the photographic documentation of their day, it finally arrived. 

last saturday, i joined my extremely talented husband in documenting this preppy, southern wedding that included such classic details as monograms and silhouettes. it was really cool to see how lauren had tied all her ideas together. if you would like to see for yourself, you can go here. and, the photo booth is here.

and one more thing, as long as i am gratuitously plugging my husband, his website recently received an amazing make over. go check it out!

but be prepared, all of these links contain a.mazing eye candy!


breanne said...

i wanna get married again just so y'all can do my photos! seriously talented that man of yours is:)...and you too of course!


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