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Wednesday, June 3

this is something i have been wanting to do for a long time. originally, i thought i would make the art, but if you know carter, you know her name is written all over such a craft. i also thought it was a great option to help out with this situation!

so, here goes a simple and not really well documented tutorial of how to make your "fit to a  T" shirt:

what you need: t-shirt transfers, a pillowcase, an ink jet printer, scissors, t-shirt and your child's art
first things first: let your child create a little art. 

this specific idea came from a heart carter drew at preschool in january. we used it for our valentine day treats, too. when i told her what we were going to do, she said she wanted to put the heart and the word love on a shirt for her sister. later, she decided to make a new heart.

i then made the artwork into an iron-on by following the enclosed directions. basically, you scan the art, size it to your liking in a document, flip it and print it. do not forget to flip it, or it will be backwards when you iron in onto your t-shirt.
then, i followed the directions again to iron it onto my t-shirt. the directions say to use a hard surface (not an ironing board-i used the stove because it is a smooth top and already handles hot temperatures) and a pillow case. i also turned my iron upside down (as shown above) so the image would be completely covered more with the larger part of the iron. does that make sense??

after the t-shirt cooled, i peeled off the paper backing and ta-da:
of course, carter decided she needed one, too. we are all about matching at our house. 

and then, i tried a different option to create this cookie monster shirt for miller. i wanted to make miller a cookie monster t-shirt for his birthday, but never got around to it. i also had a very hard time finding an image of just cookie's head. but, i finally found a coloring page image online. i printed it, colored it and then scanned it. i think it turned out really cute for a cookie monster t-shirt. originally i let miller color it, but he liked mine better, so we went with that.

i am totally addicted. i have thought of so many more iron-on t-shirt ideas. i can't wait to make more. so, beware. you have been warned.

if anyone decides to try it, i would love to see how it turns out!

and, if you would like more t-shirt ideas, check here for brassy apple's crafty summer series!


Salinda said...

Cute Ts! I love my kids' art too! That's what they did with their t-shirts! You can see theirs on my blog!

jennifer said...

i love it! they turned out precious! i can't wait to try it for FATHER'S DAY!

Erica Baumer said...

The shirts look great! My husband loves to do those iron-on things! Haha! Recently he made T-shirts for our bowling team, which will be posted on my blog in the near future!

kris said...

super cute, these are totally on my project list now!! love them!

Megan said...

It turned out so cute! Would love it if you linked back to the challenge post on my blog so your readers could enjoy all the other posts!

FAntastic JOB!!! :)

gtown1 said...

Thanks for sharing Maribeth!
What a cute idea.
I'm so going to do that as soon as I get a chance.
Walmart sells those plan t-shirts this will totally work for toddlers and the older kids too.
Now that we are in preschool Walker does have some art that
I want to scan...I'm thinking the handprint crab for the summer. I'll post it so you can see it!

Thanks again.

beth e. said...

super cute!

The Perkins Girls said...

love it!! too cute :)


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