Friday, May 29

so, i know i am a total blog slacker. our lives have been a little crazy this month. if you are my facebook friend, then you know we have spent way too much time at doctors' offices this month. also, it has been a very busy wedding month, there has been family stuff, and now i am forced to entertain my children 24/7 for the next 3 months. oh, how i miss you preschool (and it hasn't even been a full week yet!) 

but, back to what i planned to tell you, while thinking about how i needed to blog, i decided to do a little update. i have been admiring my friend sonya's adorable background from shabbyblogs.com, so i hopped on over to see what else they had. since i love all things vintage and shabby, i decided to change it up. my favorite thing about the change-a white background!! i love the way pictures look on a crisp white background, but it is so hard to find a cute one. i love it, now i just need to change the header (well, i need to have josh do it because i don't know how!) and i think i will be set.

another random rambling, i have been thinking about a weekly post of some sort (if any of you are still reading since my hiatus). i, of course, don't like any of the ones floating around because well, they just don't seem to fit me-

not me monday-i honestly don't understand this one. i occasionally read them on other blogs, but they confuse me. 

wordless wednesday or almost wordless wednesday- i rarely have little to say, so this wouldn't work at all.

i have a few ideas:
fun foto friday-a random picture and a story to go with it. i know, i know. it is not original. maybe a photography tip every now and then, but i am not very good so i don't know if i could help anyone take better pictures.

fun find friday-a little something i have found and how i use it or plan to use it. as you may already know, i love to go estate saling (yes i made that up, but i use it all the time and so it should become a word soon or at least be designated slang.) with my mom and you may or may not be interested in knowing about discovering little vintage finds. apparently, most of you didn't grow up scouring estate sales and antique stores with your family!

wedding wednesdays or something-josh claims that several of his brides read this blog, but i only know of one. so, this is a shout out to all of you brides-holl-a! (in true ellen style!) i have some ideas of things to share about . . .well if i told you then that would take all the fun out of it, wouldn't it?? but the only problem is i don't think i could do it every week. maybe once a month or so . . .

wow! this is one random, sporadic post! but here it is:

busy, busy. new look. weekly post ideas?? now you comment and let me know your thoughts about a weekly post.

thanks! if you read this long, you deserve some serious gratitude!


Rachel said...

I am reading religiously, and because I also like comments, I will leave you one. Your new background made me want a new one too, as I am also a lover of all things vintage and shabby. Power to all estate salers!

Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

Oooo! Lovey, lovey the background! The yellow, white, and turq. are fab!! I am so obnoxious with my backgrounds - I get so tired of them so fast!! I found another cool background place called Coolblogs that had some nifty stuff, too! I will probably try one from them next!

I, like you, have to depend on my dear hubbie to change my header - been waiting for months for him to do it. Apparently, he has something called work to do and then there was also something about paying the bills - whatever. Anywho, it'll get done when it gets done. Maybe.

As for weekly posts - I can relate. I did a Friday Night Videos thing for a couple of months, but surprise of surprises, I got bored with that, too. This is something you have to commit to doing and as unfearful of commitment that I am, I didn't like being locked into it. Then I would start stressing when I would skip a week and wonder if people were wondering if I was dead or something, then I would be forced to put something lame-o in just to put a post in and lame-o just ain't my style. AAHHHHH, THE PRESSSURE! So I stopped.

Wow, after all that I was no help at all was I? I am sure whatever you choose to do it will be fabulous and witty (as usual:) and you will enjoy it! Best wishes and hugs! Miss seeing you - it has been like forever!

Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

Man! I could have totally used that comment as a post! Shot!

jennifer said...

you know my thoughts:

thrifty thursday.

i made it! monday

why can't i have just a moment's peace wednesday

fridge investigation friday OR flip over the sofa cushions friday

saturdays at the ER

sundays are no fun days

tuesdays with woki

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm leaning toward Friday's Find. However, in honor of those trips to antique stores where the item's maker was marked incorrectly or when we were questioning the origin or use of an item such as the lightning rod at a recent estate sale. Well,there's always -WHAT'S THAT ? WEDNESDAY.


jflasteele02 said...

I totally think you should do the fridays find. Frank and I love going estate saling. And don't worry, we've been using that term forever too. We also love yard saling. It's nice to know there are other "crazies" out there like us! =)


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