Monday, June 29

. . . is 6 months old today.

. . . has dark hair like her momma.

. . . loves her "friends" on the swing mobile.

. . . smiles like her sister.

. . . loves bunny and her thumb.

. . . makes 3 seem so us.

 . . . has her daddy's eyebrows.

. . . is a happy girl.

 . . . has our eyes, a cute little swirl of hair on the crown of her head and cute little ears that stick out from her head.

. . . is ridiculously strong.
(sits @ 5 mo, rolls both ways @ 3&4 mo)

. . . loves to laugh.

. . . has rubberbands unlike her siblings.

. . . has her brother wrapped around her finger (along with her daddy and papaw).

. . . loves to blow bubbles.

. . . never stops moving.


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! The close-up of her in the blue with the sunlight on her face...WOW! Happy 1/2 year!

beth e. said...

Ahh! I love the one of her sitting up sucking her thumb! What a big girl!

Emily & Amelia said...

Melt my heart..... the is beautiful! Sooo good to run into yall last week!

breanne said...

i want to squeeze every little fat roll! love it, love it.

Molly said...

She is absolutely adorable. She looks so much like Carter in one pic then Miller in another!

Margaret said...

"She" is one the most beautiful babies I have seen!!

Haley said...

The thumb sucking one is my favorite. So sweet!

Grammie said...

Can't get much cuter than this. OMG!


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