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Friday, June 19

when i was looking through pictures on the computer recently, i found a few things i never posted. i will be posting them randomly. this picture was taken one morning before preschool. i usually open the door to the car and let the kids crawl in and buckle their straps while i load the car. on this particular morning, as i headed out the door for the last time, i found miller sitting at the bottom of the steps. 

me: why are you not in your seat?
miller: i'm frustrating.
me: (thinking why yes you are?) you mean frustrated.
miller: yeah.
me: why?
miller: because i can't open the door.

he meant the door on his side. i usually just open the one on spencer's side. now i open both.


Rachel said...

so funny, so cute! (you and your kids, respectively. Though it could also be taken the other way around too. :))


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