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Sunday, June 7

our memorial day weekend was insane! josh had 2 weddings & an engagement session. i really wanted to go to our favorite memorial day weekend outing-members night at the zoo. he arranged things so we could make it-he’s nice like that ;) so, we rolled on into the zoo and were greeted by this:

above picture from the commercial appeal and can be found here.

now, i know i may offend a-lot of you when i say this, but . . . this . . . this gives me the hebbee-jebbees. seriously! they promote it as “take a dip in the nile.” hmmm, if i was taking a dip with my friends, maybe? but, taking a dip in the nile with just anyone who has a zoo membership, that i just can’t do. do you know what is floating in that water? swine flu, urine, feces. the latter two are almost a definite. 

look at how confused miller is by the entire scene . . .

trying to distract them from the unthinkable, we headed to visit their favorite animals.
first up, carter's favorite, the flamingos. yes, i know they are not animals, but birds. they may be the only birds that don't bother me at all. maybe it's because they are pink. that is definitely why they are carter's favorite.

then, onto miller's favorite, the "arraffes" or giraffes. 

after a little family portrait, we headed to the rides. we may be those mean parents who take their kids to members night and do not let them take a dip in the nile, but, we did let them ride this crazy contraption:

there were no posted restrictions on height or age, so we figured it was safe. after waiting in line forever and watching a little girl leave kicking and screaming from fear, their ride went a little like this:

i think we made up for it. and, we didn't contract the plague.


Molly said...

Aww such sweet pics...well minus the C.A. picture...UGH!
You will so treasure those memories and pictures of your little ones at the zoo. We have a million it seems and it seems like only yesterday.
Especially the ride with Josh. Same pic with Lydia, Jon and Billy! HA!

beth e. said...

I was just looking up zoo membership info before I checked your blog. So very VIP!!

Emily & Amelia said...

LOVE the picture of the three of them - so precious!! GiGi has made a special request for yall to come swimming soon! Maybe later this week?

breanne said...

Wait, so you are afraid of birds too? The very thought of them brings me to sheer panic mode. Ha, and yes...a "dip" in the nile is the exact reason we don't go to member's only night. The kids would want to plunge in and that would make momma's skin crawl.

Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

Ick! We would be "skipping-dipping" in the Nile too! The pic of you and Carter is gorg!!!


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