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Saturday, March 7

what? you ask.

this. this is what i dreaded my children would do. as a teacher, i dreaded they would be the free art kids. free art kids love the free art center. love it. they spend all of center time creating to their heart's content and then gingerly place each creation in their cubby for mommy to find. 

this is miller's first creation. i found it in his cubby a few weeks ago. as i removed it, the puzzled look must have said it all because one of his teachers quickly jumped in and said, "oh, miller cut that today and said, 'my mommy will love this.'" thanks, buddy!(insert sarcastic tone.)

why am i so unenthusiatic already? you ask. because below you will find a week's worth of free art from carter's first week of school. by the way, she only goes three days a week. 
this is the second year i have received such beautiful creations. please, don't get me wrong, i love that my children create. but what in the world am i supposed to do with it all. what?? please tell me. 
i mean how many pretend homework pages for miller can i own. notice not only does she make miller his own homework page, but she actually does it for him!
yummy fruit, anyone??
and, one of my favorites-this is from early fall, too. and, as it dictates, is a sweet picture of miller SO sad because he cannot find cookie. this i understand. this i want to keep, but what about the rest of it? should i feel guilty if i only keep the ones i think are special (because she thinks they are all special!)? help! otherwise, it is going to take over our tiny house!


gtown1 said...

I saw on one talk show once a pretty good idea. The mom each had a special box (a decent sized one) and had dividers for this and that and grades...and only kept the ones that were extra special, the ones with symbolic drawings, etc..and trashed the rest. chances are they won't miss them. put a few on the fridge or to frame and if they do ask for one you've disposed of --tell me it's missing and to draw another! :)

hope this helps...don't feel gots to declutter and recycle all of that paper or else it will overtake your house (you are right!) :)

cute pictures btw.

Southern Mama said...

This is what I do. I have portfolios (like the ones we made at preschool from posterboard). Everything goes in it. Then, when it is litteraly busting at the seams, I go through it and pick out the ones I want to keep. The rest goes in the trash. I don't know if it's time or just looking at all of the paper that makes it a little "less hard" to throw out the little masterpieces.

Hope this helps.

Molly said...

lst, I am impressed with Carter's fruit...I think it shows artistic ability because of the details. Kendra Storch does this, on the
not so special art she takes a picture
of it and puts it in a scrapbook.
But you could just as well put the pictures in a cute box.

Oh, just for your info. I kept so much stuff like that for Lydia as well as collections (like her character troll dolls). We moved it twice and when it was cleaned out of the attic to go to HER home after she got married, it ALL got trashed!

All this to say, it probably is a no win situation! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't ask me, my dear. I've still got stuff from 30 years ago!

Jamie said...

yea, i feel ya but in a different kind of way. we have 18 little darlings making those "masterpieces" for us. you have been in my classroom, we hang them on the cabinet doors. from there, they are rotated off---into the trash. i know this doesn't help, but i feel ya sistah!

jennifer said...

Oh - I wouldn't have the heart to throw it all away - Maybe you could use them to decoupage the walls...

Bedding for Babies said...

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