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Saturday, February 14

are you a blog stalker?

i am. my friends and i talk about it all the time. how you click here and here and before you know it, you have fallen down the rabbit hole. then, when you land on one you love, you start at the very beginning and read every post they have ever written. if they still have your heart, then you add them to your favorites or your google reader or add yourself as a follower. and, within a few posts, you're besties. or at least you feel like it, but you've never met them or talked to them. like i said, you're a stalker.

one of the girls i stalk just so happens to be a bride of josh's. she has chosen to document her wedding ideas and plans on a blog. what a great idea! when i got married, you used a 3-ring binder. i still have it. somewhere. 

now, when your husband is a wedding photographer, you look at a lot of wedding pictures and, therefore, a lot of dresses, flowers, decorations, cakes, shoes, etc. i actually enjoy this. it is fun to see what people come up with. i think that is why i enjoy reading the pink paisley bride. she has a humorous way of covering all the details you dreamed about from the day you were born and still enjoy admiring long after your big day. another reason i like her blog is the nickname she has given her fiance-captain fantastic. i may have to steal it. it just sounds cool. example:

captain fantastic and i took the kids to the zoo today. 

oh, wait, if my husband sounds like a super hero then i will have to change my kids names, too. hmmm. 

and, the other reason i read the ppb is that she loves many of the same things i love-monograms, paper, silhouettes, etc. i know you love these things, too. so, i thought i would share a recent find on etsy.

you can find it here. i love it! i want one. but not of colonel awesome and i, but of our three wee ones- super diva, lieutenant awe, and the babe. (okay, so maybe the new monikers sound a bit ridiculous.) how cute would they be! but, for all you brides out there, this would be really cool with one of your engagement pictures. then, you could put it on thank you notes, a return address stamp, enclosure cards, etc. and, i would definitely frame one, too. oh, i can't wait!

oh, yeah, and if you are a blog stalker, comment every once and a while and then it's not so weird-advice i am going to take myself.


Erica Baumer said...

Hello! I am coming forth and letting you know that I, too, am a blog stalker and your blog is one of many that I read! I am Debbie's (from the LHC worship band) daughter. I found your link on a church friend's blog. Here is mine if you want to check it out:

jennifer said...

what's your super-hero name?

la said...

i have a blog stalker! i'm so excited! i already confessed to your husband that i blog-stalk your precious family too...i haven't even completed the wedding blogging phase of life, and already i'm aspiring to be a fabulous crafty mom blogger like you. i was actually inspired by your sewing projects to applique some onesies for a few friends' kiddos recently. i hope i can still find the time to do such great projects when i have a troop of little ones like you! now i just need captain fantastic to develop some photography skills like josh, and we'll be all set. glad our mutual blog stalking is out of the closet now :)


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